For some of us…

For some of us, life is just hanging in here, a little above despair, floating over nightmares, while sometimes drowning in circles, waiting to be rescued, for such prayer, trying to make through every sun-ray, for some of us, life is always here.    


I have come across death, in dreams of suffocation and threat, when I lose respect in someone's head, sitting alone wondering 'what next?',spiralling in endless series of regrets,leaving myself behind for others, to impress,in unusual fear and cold sweat,Oh,I still have a long way ahead... Photo by Hoach Le Dinh on Unsplash


Are you Alright?

Do you feel hurt, then, why don't you blurt, Walking with those eyes down, every day, round and round, Why put up a face, to show you are fancy and brave, Things are not bright, I know it, I am right, Talk to me, without any fright, maybe, you will feel a bit light, Please… Continue reading Are you Alright?