Mini Series : Maya 1

The Beginning “Just as the purity of the heart speaks, so does the betrayal of the voices inside, Only when the pain has reached its true devastation, The black mark will remind of the will to live, till the end of the time…” -The Eternal Curse The 13th century stormy night hovering over 1000 -… Continue reading Mini Series : Maya 1


Mini Series : Maya – 2

The Past Maya was born to the strong, proud and ruthless leader of tribe Tunai and his equally jealous and relentless, beautiful queen in the mountains by lake Sukai near the western Himalayas. Blinded by his barbaric living, the father killed any son who showed the slightest signs of authority and the mother kept their… Continue reading Mini Series : Maya – 2

Mini Series : Maya – 3

ROHILLA The people of Kiaki tribe were a strong follower of life force. They believed, each object living or otherwise has a life force fuelled by the energy inside it. The reason of this inside energy was unknown to them and this unlimited source became their god. Their living was dedicated to keeping this inner… Continue reading Mini Series : Maya – 3

Mini Series : Maya – 4

The Black Mark Maya could not believe her fate and failed to understand the reason of her family, marrying her to Rohilla. Under the disillusioning belief that her family had a good heart, many months passed. Maya seemed happy and content with occasional troubled health which Rohilla convinced her to be due to the new… Continue reading Mini Series : Maya – 4

Mini Series : Maya – 5

The Rising “  The Beginning ........  managing to stay on her course bare-footed, along the fields, Maya saw a light coming from what appeared to be a small stoned opening. Reaching through the rocky road in her tethered robe, her body gave up under the dimly lit wooden gate.  She fell unconscious with the burns of… Continue reading Mini Series : Maya – 5