Underneath the Shadows

That afternoon in the month of May in 1950 in Sirohi village of Central India, was as bright and fierce as the reinvigorating blood that started flowing through the veins of this young democratic, republic country. 16-year old Mohan was excited to leave for the capital city in a few days. His mother was emotional… Continue reading Underneath the Shadows


Two Sides

Thorns can be trusted, It is the betrayal, I am pained of.   Voices can be silenced, It is the noises, I am awakened of.   Misery can cause riots, It is the fake composure, I am derailed of.   Swords can be slaved, It is the masters, I am ravaged of.   Death can… Continue reading Two Sides

The Mighty Fear

He roams the earth glorifying his crown, But, he fears of dying alone.   He claims the world forcing the weaker to drown, But, he fears of dying alone.   He dreams of wearing the creator’s gown, Yet, he fears of dying alone.    

Rainbow of Tears

Another year is leaving you One more of me is weaving too And, through the lonely passage of your heart My dear, yet again, i will be seeing you This time, let me reach your graceful cheeks Do not rub me off in the sorrows of critique I promise, I will ease your soul I… Continue reading Rainbow of Tears