Murmurs of Oud

When young 15-year old Jeriah saw his gift, a new wave of excitement to learn ‘Oud’ took him with it, into an unknown companionship of tranquility for all his living years. His father was a carpenter who brought him this musical instrument on his way back from northern Egypt in the early 14th century. Jeriah… Continue reading Murmurs of Oud


Mini Series : Maya 1

The Beginning “Just as the purity of the heart speaks, so does the betrayal of the voices inside, Only when the pain has reached its true devastation, The black mark will remind of the will to live, till the end of the time…” -The Eternal Curse The 13th century stormy night hovering over 1000 -… Continue reading Mini Series : Maya 1

For some of us…

For some of us, life is just hanging in here, a little above despair, floating over nightmares, while sometimes drowning in circles, waiting to be rescued, for such prayer, trying to make through every sun-ray, for some of us, life is always here.    


I have come across death, in dreams of suffocation and threat, when I lose respect in someone's head, sitting alone wondering 'what next?',spiralling in endless series of regrets,leaving myself behind for others, to impress,in unusual fear and cold sweat,Oh,I still have a long way ahead... Photo by Hoach Le Dinh on Unsplash